About Us

International Journal Of Tourism And Destination Studies is a peer-reviewed and scientific journal that started its publication life in 2022 to be published in other international indexes. Our journal includes all conceptual and practice-based studies on tourism-related business, guidance, recreation, gastronomy, special interest, sustainability, alternative tourism and other current tourism topics, as well as destination management, marketing, analysis, etc. It is open to all studies and research on the subject headings. The main purpose of our journal is to bring original studies to the tourism literature and sector; to bring scientific solutions to academic, sectoral and literature problems and to create a publishing approach that will be sustained by taking into account the principles of scientific publication ethics, impartiality and transparency. In addition our journal; within the framework of the relevant principles and principles, it strives to prove itself in its field within a certain period of time and to be scanned in international field indexes, primarily TR DIZIN. The International Journal Of Tourism And Destination Studies is published online and free of charge as two issues in September and March throughout the year, in Turkish and English, within the scope of the principles of double-blind refereeing and scientific publication ethics.

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